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Dear Fellow Marketer,


Once in a while you come across an information that truly gives you instant22 Secrets value. This circumstances are rare and most of the time we fail to recognize the opportunity and move on. a few days later we remember that there was this report that would give you the information you need. Of course we never remember where we read about this and regret that we didn't take action right away.


That's why I want you to know that this report comes with a 100% ironclad money-back guarantee.  So, there's no risk involved and I'm convinced that you will value the information enough to keep the report.


A powerful title deserves a powerful introduction to a topic that will create a buying frenzy on your products. If nothing else I want you to remember the two most important principals in the whole advertising and marketing world. If you already know these principals, great! If not, please keep reading and start to understand what makes consumers buy and what makes them to buy more.




How Do Consumers Make A Buying Decision?

  • Emotion - people buy with their hearts, not their minds
  • Logic - how we use our mind to justify what we want to do emotionally




Once you know these secrets, you'll be able to use them to your advantage to transform prospective buyers into "sold" consumers time after time after time.  Because as important as the quality of your product/service is to your success, it's your ability to become a Doctor of Psychology…SALES Psychology


…that will really

open the financial floodgates!



Aren't Today's Consumers "Wise" To Sales Psychology?


One thing that psychologists will tell you is that there's a big difference between what you know in your mind and what you feel in your heart.    Despite all consumers know about how advertising and marketing works…despite all the built-in sales resistance they've developed over a lifetime…despite KNOWING that a salesman's job is to convince us to do what's good for him (buy the product)…


Despite everything we know:



We are all

more susceptible to persuasion than we think




The essence of marketing is helping prospects make the right decisions -- the decision to buy from YOU.  If you can get a handle on the emotional reasons your customers use to justify their decisions, then you can push those emotional hot buttons in all your printed materials, advertisements, and presentations, as well as in your face-to-face meetings and on your website. 



Hearts and Minds


Are you marketing to your prospects hearts or to their minds? If your marketing materials and presentations lead with a presentation of your product's features and/or your own credentials, you've lost your prospects before you've even begun. 



Why?  Because…









Are you beginning to see why you really NEED this report?

If you can get a handle on the emotional reasons your customers use to justify their decisions, then you can push those emotional hot buttons in all your printed materials, advertisements, and presentations, as well as in your face-to-face meetings and on your website.

The mind-influencing sales language and techniques described in this report are powerful… effective… and virtually irresistible.

They can actually give you a somewhat unfair advantage in dealing with people who aren’t familiar with them.

This means you must use what you learn with care, applying what you learn in an ethical way to unsuspecting consumers…and not try to cheat people.



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Insert a simple JavaScript code in your sales page that will verify whether your visitor is coming from Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. The script then captures the search phrase or keywords the visitor used to find your site.

Amazingly the script will show them a Dynamically Generated heading and an opt-in subscription form.

For example: Let's say you have a niche site for 'cookery books', If somebody finds your site by searching 'Christmas cake recipes', the heading of your site will Dynamically show 'Christmas cake recipes'. If another person finds your site by searching 'Biscuit Recipes', they will see a totally different heading. 'Biscuit Recipes'

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This script can capture search phrases from all of the following search engines: Google, yahoo, AltaVista, msn, AOL, ask, Dog pile, overture, Lycos, about, hotbot, Netscape, looksmart, directhit, alltheweb, mywebsearch, EarthLink, searchalot, myway, iwon, and

USE it with Adwords and Overture Campaigns:

That's right, you can use this script for your PPC campaign. try the following URL format for this purpose. and so on.......

Installation and Setup:

Installation is very simple and easy. You need to upload the Perl Script ONLY ONCE. Then you can use the same script for ANY NUMBER of sites. You can Insert a simple javascript anywhere on your site to display the searched term.

And just in case you think this is just to sneaky to be legal . . . Let me answer this question for you:

Is this considered as Search Engine SPAMMING ?

No it's not. This incredible script doesn't change anything in the page title, meta tags or H1, H2 tags etc. and according to SEO experts, search engines are not able to spider javascript generated content. So it doesn't brake any rules that we know of.

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Here's why you can't afford not to own this amazing book.


This report presents proven tactics that will alter the mindset of your prospects and make them unable to resist what you’re offering.  Because as you come to understand the mind of the consumer…and as you learn the how-to's of emotional marketing, you'll also be learning


  • How to create the "gotta have it" feeling in consumers

  • How to melt away sales resistance

  • How to tap into the "primal" buying emotions

  • How to instantly establish rapport

  • How to 'force' consumers to obey your hidden 'sales push' without resistance

  • How to use “sex appeal” to generate buying frenzies

  • How to infuse “proof power” into your sales letters to transform them into magnetic sales message that rack up the profits and bring in the bucks

  • How to arouse your prospects inner buying drives

  • How to influence your prospect’s mind to trust you and believe your information

  • How to bypass your prospects' conscious and "hypnotize" their subconscious





Stay Ahead Of Your Competition By Discovering:



  • How to irresistibly answer the #1 question "What's In It For Me" by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture.

  • How to instantly increase your sales by putting into action the FIVE key emotions people say they were motivated by when making a purchase.

  • How to use a combination of "The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century" to sell your product or service in a snap.

  • The answer you've been looking for to turn apathy into interest, to create the "itch " that needs to be scratched and make it abundantly and IMMEDIATELY clear that you can provide the solution to the itch.

  • How to anticipate and overcome sales killing objections and fears that keep your prospects from buying from you..

  • How to tear down walls of suspicion, natural distrust and skepticism (that your prospects have build thanks to decades over the top promises and out-and-out lies) and build up the necessary credibility.

  • How to avoid the consumer's very sensitive "B.S. Meter" when it comes to advertising claims or anything that is exaggerated and will immediately send their arrow into the "red zone" that says, "Lies. Do not buy."

  • How to build authority to persuade Doubting Thomas (or Doubting Debbie) to buy.

  • How to make people react to you like Santa every time your offer appears and have them enthusiastically imagine what fabulous 'gift' you have in store for them that will make them happier.

  • 104 Consumer Magnets that will drive consumers wild with desire and catapult them into action … BUYING action..

In a nutshell, you'll learn how to create sales messages that

Hold Consumers Captive From The Pre-Headline To The Order Form

For the price of only $39.95 $9.95you get immediate access to the revolutionary report "22 Secret Hot Buttons "

I Heard Enough, Show Me How To Order

You can't lose with our 100% ironclad

"Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee"

Satisfaction Guarantee Just review the 22 Secret Hot Buttons e-book for 30 days. Learn everything that's in there, try the exercises and take action to improve your charisma and utilize that.

If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

I'm sure you won't need a refund, because I'm confident when you put it to work you'll be amazed about the 22 Secret Hot Buttons!

Here's how to order right now!

To access our 100% secure server, just click the graphic below.
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Yes! I Want To Order This Revolutionary Report.

You will get insider information on how to:

  • Create the "gotta have it" feeling in consumers

  • Melt away sales resistance

  • Tap into the "primal" buying emotions

  • Instantly establish rapport

  • 'force' consumers to obey your hidden 'sales push' without resistance

  • Use “sex appeal” to generate buying frenzies

  • Infuse “proof power” into your sales letters to transform them into magnetic sales message that rack up the profits and bring in the bucks

  • Arouse your prospects inner buying drives

  • Influence your prospect’s mind to trust you and believe your information

  • Bypass your prospects' conscious and "hypnotize" their subconscious



PLUS - A FREE Bonus package (Valued at over $400). Best of all, you get to keep this bonus package even if you decide to return the 22 Secret Hot Buttons.


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In this book you will discover 22 Secret Hot Buttons that will skyrocket your sales.
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